Andrey Krylov did it again! After wins over Stefanos Pantazis in first fight and Zelg Galešić in second, in final he defeated Raymond "The Real Deal" Daniels and again earned the title of Pro-Taekwondo Champion and won 50 000 $! Congratulations Andrey!

World Pro-Taekwon-Do championship will cover the entire World in 2010.

The decision has been made.
I will organize Pro-Taekwondo championship in 2 categories in 2010:

-80 kg and +80kg

Competing system will be in 3 phases:

1. Qualification tournaments will be organized on all continents, minimum 4 qualification tournaments on continents which are more developed like Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Qualifications must be completed by June 2010.

2. Each of listed continents will organize final tournament for the Continental Champion title in -80kg and in +80kg category. 8 best continental fighters per category fight on the final tournament. Continental finals must be completed by August 2010.

3. Best 8 fighters in -80kg category and best 8 fighters in +80kg category fight on the World Final Two (finale of the World Pro-Taekwondo Championship) which will be held in Zagreb, Croatia by the end of November or beginning of December 2010. Prizes are 50.000,00$ in +80 kg category and 30.000,00$ in -80 kg category.

Invite for promoters

I am inviting all who whish to be promoters of one or more of Pro-Taekwondo tournaments to contact me for detailed arrangements.


1. North America
1.1. Qualification tournament in Canada
1.2. Qualification tournament in Canada
1.3. Qualification tournament in USA
1.4. Qualification tournament in Middle America
1.5. North American final

2. South America
2.1. Qualification tournament
2.2. Qualification tournament
2.3. Qualification tournament
2.4. Qualification tournament
2.5. South American final

3. Europe
3.1. Qualification tournament in North of Europe
3.2. Qualification tournament in West of Europe
3.3 Qualification tournament in Middle Europe
3.4. Qualification tournament in South Europe
3.5. European final

4. Asia
4.1. Central Asia qualification
4.2. Central Asia qualification
4.3. Far East Asia qualification
4.4. Far East Asia qualification
4.5. Asian final

5. Africa
1. South African qualifications
2. North African qualifications
3. African final

I am asking all interested promoters to contact me by November 30th, 2009. After we establish contact I will deliver conditions for tournament organization to them, and I will make final selection of promoters by December 30th 2009.

Join us in potentially biggest Taekwondo project since Taekwondo entered the Olympic Games.

Yours in TKD,

The main promoter
Senior Master Anto Nobilo

Article about Master Anto Nobilo in TaekwonDo Times

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Organization system of elimination Pro-TKD in Europe 2010

Europe Pro-TKD elimination system